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Temporary Structures: Offering Outstanding Outdoor Options

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Temporary Tent Structure

Temporary Tent Structure

When it comes to temporary structures, many people are just amazed at how many different options there are. Don’t just assume a large canvas or “circus” tent is the only option, or that even those structures have a basic cookie cutter appearance. There are actually many different setups that fall under the term of temporary structure and this includes solid metal frames that can be constructed for a large outdoor metal building before being broke down again at the end of the event or its needed time frame.

Many Outdoor Tents

When it comes to temporary structures, many people are surprised how often the right type of tent can get the job done. Simple examples from everyday life or common shared experience can include things like a big tent circus or the classic outdoor big tent revivals.

Big frame tents, legacy frame tents, flattop facades, and Arabesque tents are just a few of the many impressive options that are offered by professional outdoor temporary structure providers like Regal Tents. The best option could be any one of these, or another design entire depending on the specific needs of the client and the type of event that they are going to be throwing.

Sky Suites

The sky suite is a unique temporary structure design that is going to be fairly niche compared to how often the average large tents get used but they are very popular in a niche area. If you are looking at getting some high quality temporary shelters for spectator sports, chances are that is where the assembly of a sky suite comes in.

Regal Tent has a wealth of experience with the complete setup of sky suites from setting up the scaffolding to creating multiple leg heights for a tiered seating setup that is still fully covered in the event of rain. This is the structure that is most popular with sports fans catching an event such as golf or auto racing.

Clear Span Structure

These temporary structures are extremely popular for important outdoor events and bring a very different look compared to the majority of available temporary structures that are out there. One of the major things that sticks out is that these tents don’t look like tents. Part of the reason for that is an extremely unique design that makes them look more like a regular building as opposed to a conventional tent.

When looking at a clear span structure, you’ll notice a clean and smooth look that comes from having no external ropes and no internal poles. This creates an outstanding amount of open space inside the tent to allow the use of the most area possible. The structure is specially engineered to be a modular building.

This means you can replace cloth with hard walls, glass walls, or even some other semi-permanent looking element to increase that look of a permanent set building.

Call Around For Deals!

There are so many options available when it comes to temporary shelters and the sooner you dive in the sooner you will find one that works to meet your needs.

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