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Five Top Mobile User Acquisition Tips

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mobile phoneThe world of mobile app marketing is quite a complex ecosystem. Mobile is way past its ‘infancy days.’ The mobile marketing ecosystem can prove tough to navigate unlike the desktop marketing ecosystem especially for user acquisition and marketing managers. How do you go about mobile user acquisition? The following are some few rules to consider when attracting users to your app.
1. Knowing Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The key performance indicators are the most important metrics that user acquisition and marketing managers use to judge the success of a campaign. They are a roadmap for navigating vast amounts of data. However, different divisions of a marketing team will focus on different indicators.
For instance, while a media director may focus more on the volume of traffic, the creative director may focus more on the click through rate for different creative, and the CMO may focus more on the return on ad spend.
Similarly, insurance companies will focus on the KPIs such as the number or qualified leads acquired while a travel agency will pay more attention to the number of bookings. It is important to understand and focus on the KPIs for your vertical.
2. Casting A Wide Net

Rather than focusing on a specific audience you believe will be a valuable user segment, try acquiring users from different channels and allow the performance data to speak for itself. Cast a wide net across different acquisition channels spending only small amounts initially. Once you start seeing results in particular channels start focusing on them by spending more on them only.
3. Optimization

Optimize based on ad creative and inventory sources using data you gather from wide net test campaigns. Some partners may be driving poor quality users and you need to cut them out immediately. Use partners that deliver high quality users. Get rid of bad performing ad creatives.
4. Using High Performance Formats

Even though banner ads offer great scaling capabilities, interstitial ads consistently perform better and have higher CTRs and offer better engagement. Seek out partners that have large inventories of interstitials and convert all your creative to high-quality resolution images and you will see 3 to 5 times better performance.

In conclusion, the four important tips for mobile user acquisition are knowing your KPIs, casting, a wide net, optimization, and using high performance formats. Make sure that you use the knowledge gathered from this article to acquire many quality users that bring value.

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March 13th, 2015 at 11:50 am

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