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Where Do You Get Stem Cell Treatment For Arthritis In Massachusetts?

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Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain

If you are suffering from arthritis pain, one of the therapies that you can take advantage of is stem cell therapy. While the science behind this treatment is relatively new, there are signs that it is better than the traditional medical treatments for arthritic pain. There are many stem cell therapy clinics out there and if you live in Massachusetts, one of the centers that you can go to is the Complete Pain Care Center.

It has locations in Framingham, Needham, and Marlborough. Any one of these branches can help you with stem cell treatment for arthritis. For you convenience, you will find the complete addresses of these locations on this page:

If you are like most patients, you probably only heard about the near-miracle effects of stem cell treatment for arthritis but do not know exactly how it works. Well, to get to the bottom of this treatment, you have to understand what stem cells are. Stem cells are so-called blank canvas cells that can be formed into any type of cell. They are found abundant in the bone marrow as well as in the placenta and umbilical cord of newborn babies.

Once stem cells are extracted from the bone marrow or the placenta and umbilical cord, they are then processed in a centrifuge so that they become concentrated enough to be injected into the affected area. But the process does not stop there. Platelets are then injected so that the stem cells are “pushed” into forming bone, cartilage, muscle and, fat in the area affected by arthritis. As we said before, stem cells are blank canvas cells and they need to be injected with platelets to form into the desired cells.

Because it is a relatively new type of treatment, most insurers do not cover it, and, to be honest, only patients who have deep pockets are able to afford it, at least for the moment.
If you live in Massachusetts, just know that Complete Pain Care is really just one of several stem cell centers that you will find in the state. However, because of its multiple locations, you can say that it is one of the better ones.

The center offers bone marrow-based treatments, however, it does not claim to be able to treat all patients suffering from the pain of arthritis. Often, patients in the advanced stages of the disease do not respond well to stem cell therapy. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, do not waste and have yourself tested if you are a viable candidate for stem cell therapy.

Is the process painful? It is relatively painful as you will be injected with anesthesia when the doctors remove 60cc of your bone marrow.
Complete Pain Care Center does not just address arthritic pain. If you take a look at its official website, you will see that it also offers treatments for patients who are suffering from migraines, muscular pain, and back pain.

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