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Mobile Network Analytics – How This Can Help You Make More Money

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mobile analyticsDid you know that mobile marketing is one of the most lucrative resources for generating online revenue? When you place an ad that is connected with mobile applications that are downloaded to mobile phones, when people On the ad to look at the products and services that you offer, they will be directed to your website so that they can purchase what you have for sale. Sounds easy enough, but the way that you go about generating this type of traffic can have a lot to do with your results. One of the most important factors is what is called mobile network analytics, understanding where the traffic is coming from, and which particular application is actually helping you make the most money.

What Is Analytics?

Analytics is representative of information that is gathered in regard to visitors to your website, and sales that are made. This can be tracked by adding a tiny pixel to the different pages where people land, or in the case of mobile advertising, how many people are actually clicking on the advertisements that you have decided to use on mobile applications. The more applications that are downloaded with your ads, the higher your click through rate is going to be, and this information will allow you to paint a picture. This picture is going to show you, at least in a spreadsheet like format, who is interested in what you have to offer, and which one of the advertisements that you are using is providing you with the highest conversions.

Mobile Network Analytics

there are a couple different companies that offer mobile network analytics such as Appsflyer and many others. They are able to track what is happening with your ads, provide you with the results at the end of the day, and over a period of several weeks, you will know which advertisements are doing the best. Most of these companies charge a reasonable amount of money, but there really is no dollar value that you can put on this type of information. Once you know which advertisement is working the best, or which mobile application is leading to the most sales, you can stop using all of the other advertisements, roll out on the one that is working, and start to generate a substantially higher amount of profits.

Evaluating The Different Mobile Analytic Networks

It’s actually not that hard to find the analytics company that is doing the best job. If they are advertising on the web, or if they are in the local listings, there will likely be review sites and comments made on their local listings, respectively, that you can use to make your decision. It is always recommended that you try a couple different companies to see what results you get, and then once you have the data, you can refine your advertising campaign and start making a lot more money.

Mobile marketing is something that has become a very lucrative platform for those that understand how important it is to go after the millions of mobile users in the world right now. Once you have done the proper testing, and the data has come back on who is buying, and who is not, you will quickly know how to ramp up your advertising campaign to start generating excellent monthly revenues.

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April 21st, 2015 at 12:12 pm

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